Friday, 24 May 2019
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Turkey's first drilling ship Fatih starts her activities in the Mediterranean today

Turkey's first drilling ship- Fatih- has started her first drilling operation in the southeastern Mediterranean today.

13860 Toplam Gösterim
Turkey's first drilling ship Fatih starts her activities in the Mediterranean today


After months of debates and rising tension, Turkey has finally started using Fatih drilling ship in the southeastern Mediterranean today.


According to information obtained through sources , the vessel's first working area will be "Alanya-1 "well. "Fatih " ship will have more than 200 local and foreign experts.

Hydrocarbon drilling vessel Fatih's first deep sea drilling operations in the Mediterranean have started today with the participation of Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez.


The deep sea drilling will be done on the coast of Antalya, Dönmez said.  "There is a possibility that we will reach as much as 2 thousand 500 meters depth. Reaching five thousand to six thousand meters below the sea floor is also targetted. We use an extremely modern and technological infrastructure. We have done all the work that has to be done scientifically."


The Fatih ship, which will concentrate primarily on the Mediterranean Sea during her activities is 229 meters in length, can make marine drilling under very high pressure up to 12,200 meters deep.


Journalists also have been invited to the first drilling ceremony today. In this video, we see journalist Ahmet Melik Türkeş heading towards Fatih drilling ship by boat.


We will get inside of the ship through the lenses of journalists.

The ship is also being protected by the Turkish Naval & Air Forces as it has been subject of Greek harassments in the recent weeks on its route.

Turkish Air Forces jets also accompany to the ship


Turkish Air Forces jets accompanying Fatih

Helicopter dock of Turkey's Fatih drilling ship


A photo from ship's deckhouse 


Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez on the whell.


Minister and other officials taking briefings from ship's experts.





Turkish Energy Minister spoke in the ship and said that there is no security risk for now, but if the ship is to be harassed by any party,country the Naval forces will do the necessaray things.



Fatih has two drilling rigs. They can drill up to 12,200 meters deep.




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