Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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Turkey to start operating kamikaze drones near Syrian border in 2020

A total of 30 such drones will be used to patrol the Syrian border

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Turkey to start operating kamikaze drones near Syrian border in 2020

The first kamikaze drone unit will be formed in the Turkish army in 2020, according to Hurriyet newspaper on Thursday, drones will serve and participate in combat operations in the east of the country and near the Turkish-Syrian border.

KARGU autonomous quadcopters were developed by the Turkish company STM, which produces a full of models of light combat range of navigation, radar equipment, targeting systems, command modules for all troop types, as well as a number of drones.

“We got a great military advantage thanks to our drones. KARGU is superior to its competitors. In three months, in early 2020, the KARGU unit will begin work in the Armed Forces and will play a critical role in the conduct of important army operations, especially in the east of the country and near the Syrian border,” STM CEO Murat Ikinci said. 

The unit, he said, will consist of 30 drones equipped with orienteering and facial recognition systems and capable of autonomously performing combat tasks thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

Each quadcopter can carry a warhead or equipment for specific tasks. 

“The flight range is 15 km, in the air 70-kilogram drone can be up to half an hour. At the same time, the system works so that if one machine with explosives was disabled, its place will be taken by another and it takes over the task. Kamikaze drones are also cheaper than homing missiles,” Ikinci said. 

He added that the KARGU unit has the potential to destroy ships, military bases, and air defense systems against drones are ineffective.

Patrolling and maintaining security at the Syrian border, including at depths of up to 15-30 km, is strategically important for Ankara. 

Turkey is currently working with the United States on a project to create a safe zone in northern Syria free of PKK/PYD/YPG militias recognized by the Turkish side as terrorist. 

These organizations also operate in northern Iraq, where the Armed Forces of the Turkey regularly carry out operations to destroy their facilities and infrastructure by the Air Force.


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