Thursday, 22 August 2019
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Russian Ambassador to Turkey comments on US withdrawal from Syria, Idlib and growth in trade between the two countries

Russian Ambassador: the withdrawal of US troops from Syria requires increased contacts between Moscow and Ankara

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Russian Ambassador to Turkey comments on US withdrawal from Syria, Idlib and growth in trade between the two countries

Russian Ambassador: The withdrawal of US troops from Syria requires increased contacts between Moscow and Ankara

The US decision to withdraw troops from the territory of Syria requires the intensification of bilateral contacts between Russia and Turkey. 

This was announced by Russian Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Yerkhov in an interview with the Russian media on the occasion of the Day of Diplomatic Worker.

"The recent decision of President [Donald] Trump to withdraw American troops from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic was apparently unexpected for many. There are still many questions: who, when, where and how will be displayed, what will happen afterwards It is in this context that the current situation should be considered, which, in my opinion, requires even greater intensification of international contacts on the Syrian problems, which is now happening. On the other hand, this requires that our Turkish and Turkish her bilateral contacts, during which we will also discuss the Syrian affairs, "- said the diplomat.

Trump announced on December 19, 2018 the decision to begin withdrawing  US troops from Syria. At the moment there are 2,000 US troops  located in Syria. It was assumed that the United States will withdraw troops within 60-100 days.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey urged not to dramatize the situation around Idlib

 Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Aleksey Yerkhov, urged not to dramatize the situation around the Russian-Turkish agreements on the Syrian Idlib de-escalation zone, since the work in this direction is intensive. He made such a call during an interview with the Russian media on the occasion of the Day of the Diplomatic Officer.

"Last September, serious agreements were reached on Idlib. Something has been implemented so far, something is in the process of implementation, something has not yet been realized. The direction of this agreement continues not only from our side, but also from our Turkish partners continues in the most energetic manner. I think this work will be crowned with success, "he stressed.

The diplomat also expressed the hope that in the near future Russia, Turkey and Iran will be able to form a constitutional committee in Syria.

"Turkey has its own views on what is happening in Syria, and on the post-conflict settlement, and on the restoration of this country, we have our own views. They do not always coincide, this is normal and understandable," Yerhov said. "The main thing is that Russia and Turkey developed an optimal interaction algorithm in all these areas and developed a system that allows our two countries and our Iranian partners to promote a cease-fire and a political settlement, including efforts to create a constitutional committee, and there is reason to believe that in the foreseeable future we will be able to work together to get out on the formation of the committee and its launch. "

On September 17 last year in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to create a demilitarized zone 15–20 km deep in Idlib province along the contact line of Syrian government forces and armed opposition in Idlib province. However, Ankara asked for additional time and to postpone the start of joint patrols in Idlib due to its inability to guarantee security conditions on its part.

The decision to establish a constitutional committee was made on January 30, 2018 at the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi, but a year later this body has not yet been formed. At the talks in December last year in Geneva with Staffan de Mistura, then the special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria, the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey Sergey Lavrov, Mohammed Javad Zarif and Mevlüt Cavusoglu sent the emissary a list of members of the Syrian constitutional committee. In the final statement, the ministers expressed their intention to hold the first meeting of the committee in early 2019, but the composition of this body was never agreed upon because of the position of de Mistura.

Russian ambassador to Turkey has noted growth in trade between the two countries

 The trade turnover between Russia and Turkey in 2018 amounted to $ 25.4 billion, which exceeds the pre-crisis figure, said Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey Yerkhov.

Russian-Turkish relations are developing intensively after overcoming the crisis between the two countries in connection with the destruction of the Turkish Air Force over Syria by the Russian Su-24 bomber in November 2015.

 "According to preliminary data, the bilateral trade turnover for the year amounted to $ 25.4 billion. This exceeds the pre-crisis figure. Compared to last year, we increased it by about a quarter, and this increase was achieved in quite difficult conditions that international trade relations are experiencing. I mean, above all, the sanctions that some states, contrary to their own interests, impose on their trade partners, "the ambassador said in an interview with Russian journalists.

 One of the negative effects of sanctions is that under the conditions of their actions, many countries, including those that are not directly exposed to them, are taking measures to protect their markets, the ambassador said. "Restrictive measures are being taken, dumping investigations are beginning, some restrictions are introduced within or outside the WTO. Such phenomena are also characteristic of Russian-Turkish relations. Sometimes they are purely logistic, sometimes more serious, but we work to eliminate all barriers, and on this path, as the figures show, there are quite good successes, "said Yerkhov.

He called the transition in the settlements between the Russian Federation and Turkey to national currencies relevant and promising. "In fact, up to 10% of bilateral trade transactions are now carried out in national currencies. This comes not from above, but from below, from the economic entities themselves that carry out similar operations as part of their mutual calculations. This figure may be increased, work in this direction is underway, but It’s too early to talk about specific projects, especially since it will depend on the international trade environment. But nevertheless, there are prospects and, I think, are not bad, ”the Russian ambassador added.










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