Saturday, 30 May 2020
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Foreign members of the PKK/YPG terror organisation in Syria

A look at the foreign members of the PKK/YPG terror group in Syria shows how wrong the Western rhetoric “Turkey fights Kurds” is

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Foreign members of the PKK/YPG terror organisation in Syria

Reffering to Turkey’s struggle against terror groups that persecute local people, Western countries often use a very common but wrong rhetoric, saying that Turkey fights against Kurdish people in Syria.

They put Kurds and terror groups such as the PKK/YPG on the same level, claiming that these terror organisations directly represent the Kurdish population although these groups oppress Kurdish people the most.

What is it the Western countries don’t look at or don’t want to look at ? A closer look at the nationality of PKK militants that fought against Turkey in Afrin shows us more.

From Canada to China, from US to Netherlands - terrorists from numerous countries fought against Turkey in Afrin.




1. Many foreigners like this man joined the ranks of the PKK/YPG - some for ideologic reasons and some only wanted war




2. This person is a French citizen that joined the PKK/YPG under the banner of “Internationalists”

3. The following person is Chinese PKK/YPG terrorist Sipan Kawa

4. Another foreigner - this time it’s an American citizen

5. On the left you see Haukur Hilmarsson from Iceland; the person on the right is Anna Campbell from Britain - both terrorists were eliminated in Afrin by Turkey

6. This terrorist’s name is Patrick, an American citizen - he joined the PKK/YPG through his German girlfriend

7. Sjoerd Heeger, a Dutch terrorist killed by the Turkish Army in Afrin - He fought for a Nazi organisation in Ukraine and PMC’s in Iraq, Syria and Sudan - In addition to this, he is known to be extremely hostile against refugees and Muslims

8. Aidan James, a British citizen who fought with the PKK/YPG in Afrin - He was arrested in Britain when he returned from Syria

9. A Greek anarchist group in Syria fighting alongside the YPG/PKK: “We will implement the tactics we learned here once we return to Athens.”

10. A Canadian woman fighting with PKK/YPG in Syria - The Ocalan patch once again shows the connection between the PKK and the YPG/SDF

11. British actor Michael Enright joined the PKK/YPG in Syria in 2015


All these people are just small examples for the foreign militants within the PKK/YPG in Syria, showing how wrong the simple Western narrative of “Turkey fighting against Kurds” is.






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